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High Moon Records is a New York City-based reissue label, specializing in unearthing exceptional, rare, previously unreleased, and out-of-print material on CD, vinyl, digital, DVD, and books from the '60s, '70s and beyond.

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9/15/14 »

Gene Clark's 70th Birthday Tribute

Please join us on Sunday November, 16th, 2014 at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA for a tribute to Gene Clark, on what would have been his 70th Birthday. Stay tuned for updates on participating artists and special guests.


Gene Clark Bonus Tracks Download Card

Gene Clark fans,

The download cards for Gene Clark Two Sides To Every Story are now live! 

Gene Clark fans can download exclusive bonus tracks by clicking the link below. When prompted, enter the code on the rear of the download card that came with your purchase. 

The Bonus Tracks for Gene Clark Two Sides To Every Story are in 24-bit WAV files, the highest quality that many media players like iTunes can handle. WAV files are the most compatible format across platforms. These will play on iTunes as they have been downloaded.

Once your download is complete, unzip the folder. To add to iTunes, with the iTunes application closed, locate the Automatically Add to iTunes folder. Copy the Gene Clark folder containing the WAV files into your Automatically Add to iTunes folder. Now open iTunes. That's it, your files have been added.

With 24-bit WAV files, you will have to manually add the Artist and Album name to the track. In iTunes, with a track highlighted, under the File menu go to Get Info to open the info dialog. Type in the Artist, Album, etc. info to group the tracks together.

Please Note: The download codes for the Bonus Tracks of Gene Clark's Two Sides To Every Story are no longer valid. Please email lucas@highmoonrecords.com with your old code and you will be sent a new download code and link. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!l

If you are having problems downloading your tracks, try using Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your browser. IE browsers will fail. The file is large and will take a while to download. Try redeeming your code on off-peak internet hours for best results or use a high speed connection. Please feel free to email shop@highmoonrecords.com with any questions or issues.

Track Listing

Ebbet's Field Denver CO, October, 1975 
01. Life's Greatest Fool
02. The True One
03. The Radio Song
04. No Other
05. Silver Raven
06. In The Pines
07. Hear The Wind
08. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
09. I'll Be Back
10. She Darked The Sun
11. Kansas City Southern
12. From A Silver Phial
13. Home Run King
14. Sister Moon
15. Daylight Line

Mother Blues Dallas Texas, May 24, 1975 
16. What Is Meant Will Be
17. Wheel Of Time
18. Some Misunderstanding
19. She Don't Care About Time

Live At The Tango 1984 
20. I Saw A Dream Come True 

Gene Clark Interview with B. Mitchel Reed 
21. Gene Clark Interview 1974