High Moon Records

High Moon Records is a boutique reissue record label, with a catalog comprised of essential releases ranging from lesser-known gems to cult legends to acknowledged music visionaries.

All our releases feature deluxe packaging, extensive liner notes by authoritative writers, stunning artwork with never-before-seen archival photos, and sparkling re-mastered audio often with rare bonus tracks.

George Baer Wallace and JD Martignon founded high Moon Records in 2010, with the vision of a record label as an exclusive outlet for the music they loved most, but their collaboration—and love of music—had been years in the making. 

After moving from Paris to New York in the early 1970s, JD had been a fixture at Max’s Kansas City drinking in the depths of the New York music scene, before he decided to open his own record store. His venture, Midnight Records, gained a world-wide reputation as a store for obscure and essential rock from the 1950’s onward, fueled by a strong mail order business. Midnight Records became a Chelsea institution, a must-stop shop for all music fans, from legendary musicians to rabid collectors. In the 1980s it had expanded into a vinyl label showcasing everyone from the legendary Screamin’ Jay Hawkins to local New York Punk bands. Like a lot of indie labels in the late 80s, it did not navigate the shift to CDs and Midnight Records as a label ceased while the store continued on.

In the early 2000s George Baer Wallace was one of the music obsessives who would frequent Midnight Records. A NYC native now living in Chelsea who would spend hours poring over the extensive and exhaustive releases for sale, George struck up a friendship with the eccentric Martignon and soon a deep bond formed. Through endless conversations and late night discussions an idea was born, a new label that showcased the gloriously obscure music they both loved that demanded more attention. 

George and JD had an extensive and expanding wish list of titles that needed to be properly illuminated. Always at the top of that list was Arthur Lee and Love’s unreleased masterpiece from 1973, Black Beauty. Although it had existed as poorly sourced bootlegs for years, the new label, now christened High Moon Records had deemed it essential to finally give the lost record the proper release it deserved. Energized with their vision, they set about tracking down vanished masters, sifting through the detritus of shuttered studios and the archives of an abandoned vanity label. When an acetate in pristine condition surfaced, the project came into focus and it was imperative, the first release of High Moon Records had to be Love’s lost gem. In December 2012 the label proudly released Black Beauty on vinyl to the world, and the journey had begun.

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