Marvin Gardens | 1968

January 1, 2016
Marvin Gardens
High Moon Records

“Had the Charlatans been joined by Country Joe’s keyboard player and fronted by an earthy female singer, they might’ve sounded like Marvin Gardens…”  —Mike Stax, Ugly Things Magazine

A phenomonal anthology of rare demos, studio and live recordings from late-60s, second-wave, San Francisco, Electric-Folk pioneers Marvin Gardens. All live tracks recorded by Peter Abram (Velvet Underground The Matrix Tapes) at the legendary Matrix Club in San Francisco.

1968 includes virtually every note Marvin Gardens recorded, and provides a tantalizing glimpse at a uniquely wonderful group. With a powerful female lead singer, Carol Duke, on par with Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, and a versatile and mesmerizing band that goes from playful folk to Latin-tinged jazz vamps to searing, guitar-fuelled garage rave-ups, Marvin Gardens could have been a major artist if the stars had been aligned.

  • Full color, 24-page LP booklet (32 page in CD) with essay by Mike Stax (Ugly Things Magazine) and contributions by surviving members and close associates of the band
  • Cover and artwork By Legendary Underground Comic Book Artist Larry Welz
  • LP includes download card with 5 bonus tracks exclusive to vinyl edition
  • First pressing of LP in limited numbered edition of 2000
  • Remastered from the original tapes – LP pressed at RTI

LP Tracklist 


1 Down The Line (Demo)
2 Titanic (Demo)
3 Close The Door Lightly (Demo)
4 Duncan And Brady (Demo)
5 Ninety Seven Men (Demo)
6 Whips And Leathers (EP)
7 Down The Line (EP)

LIVE SIDE (Live At The Matrix)

1. 97 Men
2. Gloryland
3. I Know You Rider
4. Titanic
5. The Whisper Song
6. Have A Drink On Me
7. Good Night Ladies

LP Bonus Download Tracklist 

1. Buddy Bolden’s Place (Live)
2. Fixin’ To Die (Live)
3. Down The Line (Live)
4. Duncan And Brady (EP)
5. Ninety Seven Men (EP)

CD Tracklist 

1. Down The Line (Demo)
2. Titanic (Demo)
3. Close The Door Lightly (Demo)
4. Duncan And Brady (Demo)
5. 97 Men (Demo)
6. Whips And Leathers (EP)
7. Down The Line (EP)
8. Larry Welz Dedication
9. Gloryland (Live)
10. I Know You Rider (Live)
11. Baltimore Oriole (Live)
12. Titanic (Live)
13. Richland Woman Blues (Live)
14. Duncan And Brady (Live)
15. The Whisper Song (Live)
16. Ananias (Live)
17. 97 Men (Live)
18. Have A Drink On Me (Live)
19. Good Night Ladies (Live)

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